Child Abuse Statistics….. Did you know?


It is estimated that 3.3. million to 10 million children witness domestic violence each year. It is also estimated that 67% of children who witness domestic abuse suffer at the hands of the abuser both physically and emotionally

Child abuse:

  • 5 children will die from abuse or neglect today
  • In 13 seconds, another child will be abused in the U.S
  • 80% of perpetrators are parents
  • Abuse and Neglect of American Children Has Increased 134% Since 1980
  • Physical Abuse Has Increased 84% Since 1980
  • Sexual Abuse Has Increased 350% Since 1980
  • Emotional Abuse Has Increased 333% Since 1980
  • Child Neglect Abuse Has Increased 320% Since 1980

Of the number of children who died because of abuse or neglect…

  • 79.4% were younger than four years of age
  • 47.7% were younger than one year in age

Don’t let your child, your neighbor, your relative or friend be one of these statistics.. Speak up – since they can’t.


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