This page is devoted to all the wonderful brave women who have shared their  stories, feelings, and experiences to help others.

These survivors had the strength to live through the hell which is Domestic Abuse, the strength to fight it and break free, and are willing to help others in similar situations.

As a victim of domestic abuse in more than one form, I live to share my story and inspire others to keep fighting. I’ve escaped the hand of abuse within my home – but have not yet escaped the abuse of the family court system. The business of abuse has taken over my life and the lives of my children. Beyond the pain, fear, and anguish is a beam of light – one that resembles hope for a new future – a new life – a new beginning. I am fighting for my children, for myself, and for you.

Domestic abuse:
There is a way out. You’re not alone

I haven’t found the all the answers but my goal is to create a community of women, strong women who will rise above the hands of their abusers and create a new reality. A reality where domestic abuse is not the sad statistic of 1 in 4 women like it is now. A reality where 70% of women who testify in court lose custody of their children to their abusers. A reality where social media isn’t immune and desensitized by the battered woman.
This is a place to share your story, express your feelings and reach out to others who have been or are in your shoes. What tactics have worked for you, which ones haven’t.
The business of abuse is overly abundant in our court systems. Judges, attorneys, and court appointed investigators (cps/dhs) decide your fate and the fate of your children.
Abuse is something that is punishable if its to a neighbor, a stranger, or someone outside the home – but when a man abuses his partner or child it is his right in the eyes of the court. Without “proof” you are characterized as crazy and the abuser continues to abuse you through the court system until you surrender. And then you  begin to ask yourself if they are right after all…

I want to share my story with you. Its ending yet to be told; but my personal growth, spirituality and knowledge of a corrupt system is overflowing with information that could be beneficial to you or someone you know.


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