Healing Through Poetry

The art of poetry has healing effects…..

Running through tears

Im tired of crying
im tired of trying
to gain what i once thought necessary….
no more pretending,
the act is ending
so sick of remembering,
sick of wishing for more.
i’m tired of fighting
i long to be fought for
i’m tired of caring
when all i want is to be cared for

you see me smiling
but inside i am dying.
the tragedy of my loneliness
comes from sincere openness
one that was never recognized….
please don’t look at me,
i just want to be free;
free from your judgment,
your harsh and critical eyes.

im tired of no one caring
im tired of being ignored
accept me, love me, embrace the essence of me
why can’t you see??
that im trying, im dying
and im masking it by smiling

hear my cry, hold me tight,
don’t let me fade, please put up a fight
im slipping, im sliding
don’t let me fade away




Shadows of my rainbow…

My soul – what doth it ask for when it quenches the sweet flavor of solitude? Searching beyond my outer shell, devouring the un-deserved judgment; folding under the pressure of the weightless hate that sits upon me.

Feeling the beat within myself, the strings of the cello singing my song; Leading me to a place of tranquility. I get lost in the hum. Tiny drops of rain falling from the dark shaded clouds One by one caressing my skin, filling me with heaven’s tears. My pain has carried itself to the far beyond

Tearing and rearing the anguish from within Like a beam of sun the misery pours forth the clouds absorbing and capturing it all; consuming my colorless cries my endless hopes that refuse to follow through

How I long to float home the way my dreams often do Resting my head upon the soft serenity Closing my eyes and releasing the visions of bliss Letting go and accepting what is

Living within the world I create Nothing more would please my soul Turning my back; so many stories untold Breathing in the beauty of my own rhythm beat No more will I hold fast to the tales of deceit

The sweet scent of love often drifts me by Longing for it I wish to hold tight Begging the world to release its grasp Blissfully twirling into the arms of my love The land that I’ve dreamed of high in the sky Dangling beyond just out of my reach My arms reaching farther, I’ve caught you somehow Dream of mine, I’ll never let you go

You will find me in the shadows of my rainbow Dancing to my own beat Secluded in my dreams In the realm of my mind In this world I live not in joy – but escape to my mind’s eye And there I peacefully fly…..


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